Speech and Hearing Science: Anatomy and Physiology

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Juli 1997



This comprehensive and highly-popular book is dedicated to the rehabilitation and habilation of the speech and hearing impaired. A solid foundation of anatomy and physiology are not the only things this book provides! also included are more advanced topics such as respiration, phonation, articulation, neurology, and hearing. This exceptional read is perfect for new speech-language pathologists, audiologists, deaf interpreters, physicians, ear, nose, and throat specialists, and others interested in speech and hearing disorders.


Most chapters begin with "Introduction" and conclude with "Bibliography and Reading List." 1.Introduction and Orientation. Anatomical Nomenclature. Cells. Elementary Tissues. Organs. Systems. Speech Production. 2.Breathing. The Respiratory Passage. The Framework for the Breathing Mechanism. The Musculature of the Breathing Mechanism. The Mechanics of Breathing. 3.Phonation. The Supportive Framework of the Larynx. The Cartilaginous Framework of the Larynx. Membranes and Ligaments of the Larynx. The Interior of the Larynx. The Muscles of the Larynx. Methods of Investigation of Laryngeal Physiology. Laryngeal Physiology and the Mechanics of Phonation. 4.Articulation. The Skull. The Cavities of the Vocal Tract. The Articulators and Associated Structures. Contributions of the Articulators. 5.The Nervous System. Tools of the Trade. General Organization of the Nervous System. Functional Anatomy of the Central Nervous System. Functional Anatomy of the Peripheral Nervous System. The Structural and Functional Aspects of Neurons. Neural Pathways. Nervous Control of the Speech Mechanism. An Introduction to the Endocrine System. 6.Hearing. The Nature of Sound. The Ear. The Function of the Inner Ear. 7.Embryology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism. Early Embryonic Development. Development of the Structures for Speech and Hearing. Development of the Nervous System. Development of the Inner Ear. 8.Circulation. The Circulatory System. General Features of the Cardiovascular System. Blood Supply for the Speech and Hearing Mechanism. Postscript. Glossary. Name Index. Subject Index.
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