Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

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August 2008



The use of English as a medium of instruction in
diverse subject areas has become extremely popular in
Austrian schools over the last decade. This book
clarifies typical misconceptions that appear to be
persistent among many minds, with the aim to path the
way for bilingual education in the seemingly less
potential CLIL subject mathematics.
This contribution to CLIL research represents a
combination of theory and practice, since problems
and difficulties as well as motivations and reasons
are addressed from two perspectives - a theoretical
one (including definitions, learning theories) and
one based on teacher interviews, providing an insight
into their practices and experiences. Therefore, this
text offers assistance and support for teachers who
want to introduce this innovative approach in their
mathematical classrooms, but are not yet sure about
its realisation.


Nadja Wilhelmer studied English and mathematics at the University
of Vienna and the Technical University, respectively. Currently
she is working as a research assistant at the Centre for English
Language Teaching. Her special interests are learning theories in
the language classroom and the use of English as a medium of
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