Automated Rendezvous and Docking of Spacecraft

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This definitive reference for space engineers provides an overview of the major issues governing approach and mating strategies, and system concepts for rendezvous & docking/berthing (RVD/B). These concerns are addressed and explained in a way that aerospace engineers, students and even newcomers to the field can acquire a basic understanding of RVD/B.


Review of the hardback: 'This book is described as being the definitive reference for space engineers on all issues related to rendezvous and docking of spacecraft, and I would tend to agree. It draws together a wealth of information on the subject, from basic principles through to detailed examples ... Overall, I'm sure the book will become an invaluable reference text for anyone wishing to learn more about spacecraft rendezvous and docking, from students in academia to industry alike. Excellent!' The Aeronautical Journal Review of the hardback: 'The aim of this book is to comprehensively cover the techniques and issues associated with automatic rendezvous and docking. It achieves this objective ... a good quality hardback ... can be useful to both students on higher courses in, for example, space mission engineering and also to professional engineers working in the field.' Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers
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