Abstract Computing Machines

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Februar 2005



The book emphasizes the design of full-fledged, fully normalizing lambda calculus machinery, as opposed to the just weakly normalizing machines.


Algorithms and Programs.- An Algorithmic Language.- The ?-Calculus.- The se(m)cd Machine and Others.- Toward Full-Fledged ?-Calculus Machines.- Interpreted Head-Order Graph Reduction.- The B-Machine.- The G-Machine.- The ?-red Machinery.- Pattern Matching.- Another Functional Abstract Machine.- Imperative Abstract Machines.- Real Computing Machines.



Received a Dr. rer. nat. degree in physics from the Technical UniversityMunich/Germany in 1968;
worked in industrie/research institutes at the central laboratories of Siemens AG between 1963 and 1968, at Bell Northern Research Ltd in Ottawa/Canada between 1969, and 1972 at the Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung in St. Augustin/Germany between 1973 and 1978;
became an associate professor of computer science at the University of Bonn/Germany in 1978;
became a full professor of computer science at the University of Kiel/Germany
retired in 2003.


From the reviews:"This remarkable monograph is an extremely well-written and pleasant and reading about abstract computing machines ... . The author chooses a somewhat 'imperative' approach to teaching, which results in the survey of a vast number of concepts provided with many useful examples. The expository style is most favourable, which could be of special value for a reader with no strong background in the area. ... Altogether, this is a book worth reading." (Vladimir Komendantsky, Mathematical Reviews, Issue 2007 k)
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