Photoshop 7 (R): Tips and Techniques

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Juni 2002



Learn how to maximize the Web design power of Photoshop X to create compelling Web design elements and build Web animations.


Part I: Using Photoshop to Prepare for Web Page Development; Ch. 1: Customizing Photoshop for Web Design; Ch. 2: Using Photoshop as a Page Layout Tool; Ch. 3: Getting Web Content into Photoshop; Ch. 4: Preparing Content for the Web; Part II: Using Photoshop to Design Web Pages: Ch. 5: Using Selections; Ch. 6: Using Layers; Ch. 7: Using Text; Ch. 8: Using Shapes, Brushes and Patterns; Ch. 9: Creating Animation and Interactivity; Ch. 10: Creating Interactivity; Part III: Using Photoshop to Produce Web Pages; Ch. 11: Slicing the Page; Ch. 12: Optimising Line-Art, Text & Other Flat-Colour Graphics; Ch. 13: Optimising Photographic Imagery; Ch. 14: Writing the Code


Wendy Willard (Dresden, ME) is the author of HTML: A Beginner's Guide and Web Design: A Beginner's Guide (both by Osborne). Wendy specializes in cutting edge Web-based design and development for businesses of all sizes and varieties, and in education and consulting about Web-related concepts. She has taught and lectured on Web design & development throughout the U.S. and in Europe.
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