Health Care Managers in Transition: Shifting Roles and Changing Organizations

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September 1990



The Changing Role of Health Care Managers
A valuable guide that helps health care managers redefine their responsibilities so they can function more effectively in this dramatically evolving industry. The authors identify and describe the ten key role shifts
that are part of making the transition to a new, more dynamic style of leadership. Filled with questionnaires and step-by-step guidelines, this hands-on tool offers sound insights and nuts-and-bolts advice.


WENDY LEEBOV is currently associate vice president of human resources for the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia, where she is responsible for organizational learning and performance enhancement strategies.Previously, WAndy was founder and president of the Einstein Consulting Group, a subsidiary of Albert Einstein Healthcare Network that received international recognition for leadership and expertise on service and quality improvement stategies in health care. WAndy is a nationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant, having written five books on service and quality improvement, including Service Quality Improvement: The Customer Satisfaction Strategy for Health Care and Healthcare Managers in Transition (with Gail Scott), and Patient Satisfaction: A Guide to Practice Enhancement (with Gail Scott and Michael Vergare, MD). WAndy has her BA degree from Oberlin College, as well as her master's and doctoral degrees in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
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