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Come along for the ride as Wheel & Deal - Carts on Wheels tours the broad range of mobile establishments roaming the world's roads, parks, and greenways. Five chapters divide the traveling outfits based on how they are propelled, whether entirely human-powered, bicycle-driven, carried in cars, hauled by trucks, or ferried to and fro by public transportation. Projects featured include solar-powered ice cream carts, easily transportable folding homes for the homeless, the irreverent "pedal-powered Popemobile,¿ Chicago CTA's Art on Track public transportation turned art gallery, and San Francisco's much-loved "Curry Up Now¿ food truck. Readers will also find pop-up fashion shops, tiny self-contained offices, and an amazing variety of kitchens on wheels. Whether conceptual or fully realized, each vehicle demonstrates innovative utilization of space, creative repurposing of well-known objects for unexpected new uses, and an insistence on having fun.


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Untertitel: Carts on Wheels. 850 Illustriert. Sprache: Englisch.
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