Jordan Since 1989: A Study in Political Economy

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Mai 2005



This is the first major work in political economy to study the impact of the 1989 IMF intervention and the changes that it has wrought upon the Jordanian economy. Knowles argues that the blurring of boundaries between the public and private sector has significantly affected the success of IMF and World Bank policies in Jordan which are predicated upon a clear distinction between these sectors. Furthermore Jordan's move from an economy that is dependent upon outside economic assistance to one that is dependent upon remittances has affected the power of the country's elite which hitherto depended on access to and control of aid.


Warwick Knowles is Lecturer in Political Economy of the Middle East at the Univeristy of Durham's Institute of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies.


"An outstanding contribution to an increasingly sophisticated body of literature on rentierism." Emma Murphy FRSA Senior Lecturer Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. University of Durham. "This book will undoubtedly become a standard reference source on the modern political economy of Jordan." Rodney Wilson Professor of Economics. Institute for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. University of Durham." Middle Eastern Studies, Vol. 41, No. 4, 623-632, July 2005. Review by Randa Alani: ''This study of the political economy of Jordan since 1989 is a delight to Middle Eastern students and researchers in terms of the extensiveness of the research used to back up the main arguments.' 'Rich and informative.'
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