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The aim of this research was to expose Wayang Kulit (Shadow Puppet); one of the Malaysian traditional games among the local youth mainly to the Net Generations. Wayang Kulit play was once the most famous night entertainments during it first approached Malay community in 1950's (Ghulam Sharwar Yousof, 1999). Nowadays, the popularity of Wayang Kulit is disappearing among the Malaysian youth. Ultimately, further research should be done to revive its glory. The prototype of Wayang Kulit online game was developed based on the preliminary data gathered from interviews with the experts of Wayang Kulit and several local game developers. The findings from data analysis show that Wayang Kulit online game was well accepted among Net Generations. Majority of the respondents agreed that after playing the online game, they had the opportunity to learn about Wayang Kulit which has never been exposed before. Subsequently, from the survey results, it shows that Wayang Kulit online game has its potential to be utilized as an educational instrument in delivering cultural contents among the Malaysian Net Generations.


Wan Irma Sabrina Idris is a fulltime lecturer and a researcher.She teaches 3D Animation as well as 2D Animation in a private university in Malaysia and has worked as a 3D animator for 3D animation TV series projects- Higglytown Heroes by Playhouse Disney.
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