Principles of Building Commissioning

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While long established as a quality control process for building mechanical systems, building commissioning has in the past decade emerged as a broader constriction management process overseeing nearly all aspects of a project. This book will be the first to cover the expanded application of the principles in an all-inclusive, pratical guide. This book provides engineers, architects and commisioning agents with a practical tool to understand and manage the commissioning process effectively.


Preface. Acknowledgments. 1 What Is Commissioning? Building Commissioning. The Building Acquisition Process. What Building Commissioning Is and Is Not. What Building Commissioning Can Do. What Building Commissioning Cannot Do. Total Building Commissioning. References. 2 The Commissioning Process. Commissioning Is a Process. Predesign Phase. Owner's Project Requirements. Commissioning Plan. Design Phase. Basis of Design. Commissioning Plan. Construction Documents. Construction Phase. Equipment and Systems Verification. Training. Systems Manual. Commissioning Plan Updates. Occupancy and Operations Phase. References. 3 The Commissioning Team. Teamwork Is Necessary. The Commissioning Authority. Owner Representatives. Design Team Representatives. Contractor Representatives. Specialists. Commissioning Team Participation Expectations. 4 Commissioning Coordination. The Role of Coordination. Defining and Conveying Project Requirements. Defining and Verifying Design Solutions. Defining and Conveying Construction Verification Requirements. Defining and Conveying Training Requirements. Defining and Conveying Operational Information. Planning for Ongoing Commissioning. References. 5 Verification and Testing. The Importance of Verification. Predesign Phase. Design Phase. Construction Phase. Occupancy and Operations Phase. Reference. 6 Documentation. Commissioning Documentation. The Commissioning Plan. Owner's Project Requirements. Basis of Design. Contract Documents/Construction Documents. Construction Checklists. Training Plan. Systems Manual. Issues Log. Meeting Minutes. Commissioning Process Reports. References. 7 Training. Training Owner's Personnel. The Training Plan. Predesign. Design. Construction. Occupancy and Operations. Reference. 8 Special Commissioning Contexts. Special Contexts? Ongoing Commissioning. Retrocommissioning. Commissioning for Green Buildings. Discipline-Specific Commissioning Guidance. References. Glossary. Commissioning Resources. Index.


Walter T. Grondzik, PE, LEED-AP, is a professor in the School of Architecture, Ball State University. He has served as president of the Architectural Research Centers Consortium and the Society of Building Science Educators, and is a Fellow of ASHRAE and a member of several ASHRAE technical and guideline committees.
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