The European Dream

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Februar 2005



In propounding his dream for the future, the author takes on the Eurosceptics directly and shows how Europe must be the key to its inhabitants tackling the problems of world terrorism, human rights, and the internal strife of Russia and the Balkan States.


1. The Legend of Europe; 2. Dreams Have Their Price; 3. The Dream, My Life; 4. The Idea of Europe - and Who Does What With It; 5. Human Rights and Freedom in a Basket. 6. All Change in Europe - New Members; 7. Many Concepts, One Europe; 8. Will Enlargement Shrink Europe? 9. Strength in Unity; 10. War - Still Part of the European Scene? 11. Where Does the Dream End? 12. The Challenge for Us


Dr Walter Schwimmer is Secretary General of The Council of Europe. He is Austrian by birth and nationality. He lives and works in Strasbourg.


"'Europe's history is our history, and its future is ours too. Dr Schwimmer manages to guide the reader smoothly through the intricacies, twists and turns of European politics and its institutions... A confident piece of analysis of the challenges and issues facing the continent in the years and decades to come.' Chris Patten, European Commissioner for External Relations"
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