By Appointment Only: Ceznne, Van Gogh and Some Secrets of Art Dealing: Essays and Lectures

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April 2006



One of the most distinguished experts on van Gogh and Cezanne sums up a lifetime of research and discoveries.
In the art trade, research and judgment meet in a special way. Good or bad, genuine or fake--these are questions that often prove to be more urgent and to have more repercussions than in the academic field.
This is especially true when it comes to the two great forerunners of modern art: van Gogh and Cezanne. Unrecognized outsiders in their lifetime, their paintings grew in the twentieth century to be the most sought after and expensive works in the entire art market. How this astonishing development came about, what tangled paths these paintings took, and what fakes and false attributions played a part in this--these are the subjects Walter Feilchenfeldt discusses, with the advantage of his forty years of experience as an international adviser in the art trade. He explores a great number of new sources of provenance and deals with questions of authenticity on the basis of direct comparison. 500 illustrations, 387 in color.


Preface: Dealing and Art; How does one become an art dealer?; What is Art? - as short an answer as (im)possible; Edgar Degas in Tubingen: The making of an exhibition; Van Gogh and Paul Cassirer Berlin: The Reception of Van Gogh in Germany from 1901 - 1914; Van Gogh Fakes: The Wacker Affair; Questions on Authenticity of Works by Van Gogh; Early Provenances - Van Gogh and Ambrose Vollard; The Early Reception of Cezanne's Work in Germany; Cezanne's Collectors: from Zola to Annenberg; Cezanne's Motives - A new concept of order; Cezanne's Drawings - Small sizes: sketches; Large Sizes: Watercolours without Colour; Cezanne's Paintings: Size and Subject - Authenticity; John Rewald: Cezanne and Germany - Cezanne and America; Doctor Gachet: A Friend of Cezanne and Van Gogh?; Questions of authenticity of works by Cezanne; Cezanne: Finished - Unfinished: Introduction - Bathers; After Gauguin's Visit in Arles: Van Gogh's Abandoned Paintings; Epilogue: Art Dealers as Cultural Vehicles.


Walter Feilchenfeldt entered his family's art dealing firm forty years ago and runs it to this day. He gained a formidable reputation as a scholar through his participation on John Rewald's catalogue raisonne of Cezanne's paintings, which Thames & Hudson published in 1996, and is deeply involved in the forthcoming major exhibitions marking the centenary of Cezanne's death.

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