Particle Detection with Drift Chambers

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August 2008



This second edition is a thoroughly revised, updated and expanded version of a classic text, with lots of new material on electronic signal creation, amplification and shaping. It's still a thorough general introduction, too, to the theory and operation of drift chambers. The topics discussed include the basics of gas ionization, electronic drift and signal creation and discuss in depth the fundamental limits of accuracy and the issue of particle identification.


Gas Ionization by Charged Particles and by Laser Rays.- The Drift of Electrons and Ions in Gases.- Electrostatics of Tubes, Wire Grids and Field Cages.- Amplification of Ionization.- Creation of the Signal.- Electronics for Drift Chambers.- Coordinate Measurement and Fundamental Limits of Accuracy.- Geometrical Track Parameters and their Errors.- Ion Gates.- Particle Identification by Measurement of Ionization.- Existing Drift Chambers #x2013; An Overview.- Drift-Chamber Gases.
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