Leaves of Grass and Other Writings

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April 2002



This revised Norton Critical Edition contains the most complete and authoritative collection of Whitman's work available in a paperback student edition. The text of Leaves of Grass is again that of the indispensable "Reader's Comprehensive Edition," edited by Sculley Bradley and Harold W. Blodgett, which is accompanied by revised and expanded explanatory annotations. New to this edition is the full text of the celebrated 1855 first edition of Leaves of Grass, as well as generous excerpts from Whitman's two prose masterpieces, Democratic Vistas and Specimen Days.


Michael Moon is Professor of English and Co-Director of the Program for Women, Gender and Sexuality at The Johns Hopkins University. He is the author of Disseminating Whitman: Revision and Corporeality in Leaves of Grass, A Small Boy and Others: Imitation and Initiations in American Culture from Henry James to Andy Warhol, and editor of Subjects and Citizens: Nation, Race, and Gender from Oroonoko to Anita Hill.
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