Totally Tasteless Photoshop Elements

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Nationally known comic Wally Wang delivers a fun way to learn Photoshop Elements. Learn to digitally enhance and manipulate photographs with help from a highly informative and hilarious writer. Express your deepest secrets and fantasies artistically, clean-up dirty pictures, erase bad memories, make yourself look younger and thinner, and perform other tricks.


Part I: Restore the Past: Work with Old Pictures; Lesson 1: Fix a Crooked Image; Lesson 2: Clean Up Dust and Scratches; Lesson 3: Aging a Picture; Lesson 4: Turn Video Frames Into Still Images; Part II: Digital Cosmetic Surgery: Modify an Image; Lesson 5: Select Objects in an Image; Lesson 6: Paint on a Layer; Lesson 7: Coloring Large Areas; Lesson 8: Adjusting Hue, Saturation, and Brightness; Lesson 9: Fixing Blemishes and Enhancing Faces; Lesson 10: Making People, Places, and Things Disappear; Lesson 11: Fix and Add Lighting Effects; Lesson 12: Adding Movement to an Image; Lesson 13: Making a Collage and a Panorama; Lesson 14: Turning Pictures into Works of Art; Lesson 15: Typing Text on a Picture; Part III: Showing Off Your Work; Lesson 16: Publishing the Evidence; Lesson 17: Sharing Your Pictures with Other Programs; Lesson 18: Flaunting Your Narcissism; Part IV: Where to Go From Here; Lesson 19: Getting Help from Photoshop Elements; Lesson 20: Knowing What Tools to Use; Appendix A: Glossary of Digital Photography Terms; Appendix B: Free Sources of Photographs


Wally Wang was born in Detroit and raised in a family of doctors. "My dad wanted me to become a doctor, but I wanted a job that required more imagination. So we compromised and I become a hypochondriac instead." After receiving a BA in Materials Science, Wally went to work as an engineer for General Dynamics in San Diego. On a challenge from a friend, Wally jumped into stand-up comedy, which he now does for a living through his company Top Bananas Entertainment. Wally also writes humorous computer books and magazine columns as well. He has written Office 2000 for Dummies, Beginning Programming for Dummies, The Print Shop Delux for Dummies (Wiley), and Steal This Computer Book among many others.
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