Freshwater Prawn Culture: The Farming of Macrobrachium Rosenbergii

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Januar 2001



Edited by two world authorities on freshwater prawn farming and comprising the contributions of more than twenty distinguished, international experts selected from the scientific, development and commercial sectors, this new text is destined to become the definitive work on the culture of Macrobrachium rosenbergii.All aspects of the biology, culture techniques, health, nutrition genetics, marketing, economics and management are covered, including the sustainability of freshwater prawn farming compared with marine shrimp farming.


Preface. Contributors. Acknowledgements. 1 History and Global Status of Freshwater Prawn Farming. 2 Nomenclature and Taxonomy. 3 Biology. 4 Broodstock Management. 5 Flow--through Hatchery Systems and Management. 6 Recirculation Hatchery Systems and Management. 7 Larval Prawn Feeds and the Dietary Importance of Artemia. 8. Nursery Systems and Management. 9. Grow--out System-- Site Selection and Pond Construction. 10 Grow--out Systems-- Monoculture. 11. Grow--out Systems-- Culture in Temperate Zones. 12. Grow--out Systems-- Polyculture and Integrated Culture. 13. Nutrition, Feeds and Feeding. 14 Grow--out Systems-- Water Quality and Soil Management. 15. Health Management. 16. Biology and Management of Size Variation. 17. Commercial Freshwater Prawn Farming Around the World. 18. Post--harvest Handling and Processing. 19. Marketing and Preparation for Consumption. 20. Economics & Business Management. 21 Culture of Other Prawn Species. 22. Prawn Capture Fisheries and Enhancement. 23. Sustainability of Freshwater Prawn Culture. Index.


Michael Bernard New, OBE is a Past--President of the World Aquaculture Society and President--Elect of the European Aquaculture Society; Wagner Cotroni Valenti is a Professor at the Aquaculture Center, Sao Paulo State University, Brazil.


" Both the editors and the authors deserve our highest compliments. The editors specifically also for composing this work: with their own contributions, and by bringing together the very best authors in the field, they have produced a truly marvellous book." Crustaceana "...this collecting of information from a variety of sources is invaluable. The result is that the editors have been successful in putting together a comprehensive volume relating to topics relevant to the culture of freshwater prawn" Aquaculture International "The book surely provides the reader with almost everything they need to know about this vital subject." Fishing Boat World "The book is exceptionally well designed and organized, making for very easy reading. This is no doubt the best up--to--date book I have seen on the subject of prawn farming." Aquaculture Magazine
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