Thermodynamics of the Atmosphere

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April 2004



Written for graduate students and researchers in meteorology and related sciences, this textbook encourages the comprehension of the mathematical theory. While most meteorological textbooks only present equilibrium thermodynamics, this volume also introduces the linear theory of non-equilibrium and provides the necessary background for more advanced studies. Each chapter ends with a set of exercises for which answers are given at the end of the book.


Preface; 1. Basic thermodynamic concepts; 2. Budget equations; 3. The first law of thermodynamics; 4. The second law of thermodynamics; 5. Thermal radiation; 6. Thermodynamic potentials, identities and stability; 7. The constitutive equations for irreversible fluxes; 8. State functions of ideal gases; 9. State functions of the condensed pure phase; 10. State functions for cloud air; 11. Heat equation and special adiabatic systems; 12. Special adiabats of homogeneous systems; 13. Thermodynamic diagrams; 14. Atmospheric statics; Answers to problems; List of frequently used symbols; List of constants; References and bibliography; Index.


Wilford Zdunkowski is Professor Emeritus in the Institute of Atmospheric Physics in the Universitat Mainz, Germany. Andreas Bott is a University Professor for Theoretical Meteorology at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat in Bonn, Germany.


'... a useful reference for researchers in dynamic meteorology.' Eos, Transactions of the American Geophysical Union 'This textbook is written for students and researchers in meteorology but nevertheless it is useful for all scientists in the field of thermodynamics, too.' ZAMM
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