Methods of Logic

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This widely used textbook of modern formal logic now offers a number of new features. Incorporating updated notations, selective answers to exercises, expanded treatment of natural deduction, and new discussions of predicate- functor logic and the affinities between higher set theory and the elementary logic of terms, Quine's new edition will serve admirably both for classroom and for independent use.


Introduction PART I: Truth Functions 1. Negation, Conjunction, and Alternation 2. Truth Functions 3. The Conditional 4. Grouping 5. Truth-Value Analysis 6. Consistency and Validity 7. Implication 8. Words into Symbols 9. Equivalence 10. Alternational Normal Schemata 11. Simplification 12. Duality 13. Axioms PART II: General Terms and Quantifiers 14. Categorical Statements 15. Venn's Diagrams 16. Syllogisms 17. Limits of These Methods 18. Boolean Schemata 19. Tests of Validity 20. Some Boolean Incidentals 21. The Bound Variable 22. Quantification 23. Rules of Passage. Monadic Schemata 24. Prenexity and Purity 25. Validity Again 26. Substitution PART III: General Theory of Quantification 27. Schemata Extended 28. Substitution Extended 29. Pure Existentials 30. The Main Method 31. Application 32. Completeness 33. Lowenheim's Theorem 34. Decisions and the Undecidable 35. Functional Normal Forms 36. Herbrand's Method 37. Other Methods for Validity 38. Deduction 39. Soundness 40. Deductive Strategy PART IV: Glimpses Beyond 41. Singular Terms 42. Identity 43. Descriptions 44. Elimination of Singular Terms 45. Elimination of Variables 46. Classes 47. Number 48. Axiomatic Set Theory Partial Answers to Exercises Bibliography Index


W. V. Quine was Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University. He wrote twenty-one books, thirteen of them published by Harvard University Press.


"Quine's book is of first-rate quality, and presents the materials of modern formal logic in a masterly fashion...A superb text: authoritative, mature, and brilliant and original in its exposition."< DD>
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