Electricity and Magnetism

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This is an undergraduate textbook on the physics of electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetic fields and waves. It is written mainly with the physics student in mind, although it will also be of use to students of electrical and electronic engineering. The approach is concise but clear, and the authors have assumed that the reader will be familiar with the basic phenomena. The theory, however, is set out in a completely self-contained and coherent way and developed to the point where the reader can appreciate the beauty and coherence of the Maxwell equations. Throughout, the authors stress the relationships between microscopic structure of matter and the observed macroscopic electric and magnetic fields. The applications cover a wide range of topics, and each chapter ends with a set of problems with answers.


Mathematical prologue; 1. Charges and currents; 2. Electrostatics; 3. Electric dipoles; 4. Static magnetic fields; 5. Time dependent fields; 6. Faraday's law and Maxwell's equations; 7. Electromagnetic waves in a vacuum; 8. The electrostatics of conductors; 9. Steady currents in conductors; 10. Magnetostatics; 11. Insulators; 12. Magnetic properties of materials; 13. Time dependent fields in insulators; 14. Time dependent fields in metals and plasmas; 15. Superconductivity; 16. Surface electricity; 17. Radiation; 18. Applications of radiation theory; 19. Transmission lines, wave guides, and optical fibres; 20. The electromagnetic field and special relativity; Appendices; Index.
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