The Economic Development of Japan 1868 1941

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The rise of Japan from a position of relative international obscurity in the mid-nineteenth century to that of third largest industrial nation in the 1980s has elicited an enormous amount of interest among academics. This short book provides an overview of Japanese economic history between 1868 and 1941. It introduces and surveys the current state of scholarship on Japan, touching upon almost all elements of the Japanese historical experience. A select bibliography (now updated to 1994) is provided to help the reader pursue the subject in more detail.


Preface; List of tables; 1. Introduction; 2. Growth and structural change; 3. The Tokugawa background; 4. The role of the state; 5. Factors in demand; 6. Land and agriculture; 7. Labour supply and the labour market; 8. Capital, technology and enterprise; 9. Conclusion; Bibliography; Bibliographical update; Index.


'[This book] provides an excellent bibliography, opens windows onto a fascinating and important subject ... [and] constitutes a finely crafted introductory essay on Japanese economic history.' Gustav Ranis, Economic History Review 'This small but useful book introduces and surveys the current state of scholarship on Japan. It raises important questions and shows the range of interpretations ... One can only admire the incisiveness of the text; it is always easier to say more than less.' Richard Rice, Journal of Economic History
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