The Economic Growth of Singapore: Trade and Development in the Twentieth Century

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November 2004



A comprehensive overview of the economic development of Singapore, the leading commercial and financial centre in Southeast Asia.


Introduction; Part I. Themes and Beginnings: 1. Patterns in the economic development of Singapore, 1870-1990; 2. Singapore in the late-nineteenth century; Part II. Development as a Staple Port, 1900-1939: 3. Trade, finance and development; 4. Ocean-going shipping, the port and regional transport; 5. Immigration, population and employment; 6. Rubber: the twentieth-century innovation; 7. Rubber, industrialisation and the development of Chinese banking; 8. Petroleum and tin: the twentieth century boom commodity and a staple in decline; 9. The trade in imported manufactures; Part III. Staple Port and Rapid Growth, 1947-1990: 10. The staple port resurgent: development to 1959; 11. Markets, government and growth, 1960-1990; 12. Conclusion.


'... an important contribution ... it stands alone for its quality and comprehensiveness and is an excellent base from which to study Singapore and the prospects of the east Asian region generally.' The Financial Times '... refreshing and sometimes thought provoking. It is essential reading for anyone concerned with export-led growth processes. But its audience is much wider; namely, vitually everyone - scholars, business, and lay persons - interested in Singapore's economy, past, present, and future as well as the economy of Southeast Asia generally. The book may become a classic.' J. Norman Parmer, Trinity University
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