Acquiring Better Seismic Data

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November 1989



A reference for geophysicists, seismic surveyors and engineers in the mining, hydrocarbon and water industries this book attempts to recommend solutions to problems commonly experienced in the field. It recommends careful planning of operations for the saving of costs and time.


General concepts, conclusions and observations; practical geophone arrays and source patterns; handy tools for field work; vibroseis crews; high resolution including practical use of nonlinear sweeps; practical field tests; marine seismology; shot crews; off-road coverage and three-dimensional surveys; steep dips and complex geology; high-velocity surface problems and answers; other problem areas and answers; shallow objectives and simultaneous recording; mapping porosity and free gas; selecting and operating equipment; practical line layout and obstacles; putting it all together; seismic data processing; communication; miscellaneous theory; wave propagation, attenuation and dispersion; economics, future trends and conclusions. Appendices: recommended forms; marine frequency band limits set by gun and cable depths; noise from a dipping refractor; geophone arrays, source patterns and CMP stacks; illustrations of spreads; short programs for programmable calculators; wavelets, phase and degree; vibroseis; ground force phase lock and drive level control; nonlinear sweep theory.


Upper level and graduate students in geophysics, as well as their professors and potential section managers and coworkers, will find Bill Pritchett's book enjoyable, readable, current, and as nearly-comprehensive and self-contained as an exposition of an evolving field like this can be. - Pure and Applied Geophysics
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