Modern Germany: Society, Economy and Politics in the Twentieth Century

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September 2004



Modern Germany presents a comprehensive overview and interpretation of the development of Germany in the twentieth century, a country whose history has decisively shaped the map and the politics of modern Europe and the world in which we live. Professor Berghahn is not merely concerned with politics diplomacy, but also with social change, economic performance and industrial relations. For this new edition Professor Berghahn has broadened and extended his discussion of the two Germanies. He also has updated the tables and bibliography.


List of maps; Preface; Abbreviations; Glossary; Part I. Wilhelmine Germany, 1900-1914: Rapid Industrialisation and its Impact on Society; 1. Stratification and social mobility; 2. The Prusso-German political system and its political culture; 3. Weltpolitik and the spectre of encirclement; Part II. War and Civil War, 1914-1923: The Political and Military Situation at the Beginning of the War; 4. The strains of total war; 5. Reaction, reform and revolutionary ferment; 6. The Revolutions of 1918-19; 7. Economic dislocation and counter-revolution, 1919-1923; Part III. The Weimar Republic Between Stabilisation and Collapse, 1924-1933: Intellectual and Cultural Activity; 8. Party politics and the problem of parliamentary government; 9. Weimar foreign policy; 10. Economic tensions and the rise of the Nazis; 11. From Bruning to Hitler; Part IV. The Third Reich, 1933-1945: The Face of the Nazi Dictatorship; 12. Economic conditions and mobilisation for war; 13. Nazi foreign policy and war aims; 14. Occupation, exploitation and extermination; 15. Resistance and collaboration during the final years; Part V. Occupation and Division, 1945-1960: Economic and Political Life in the Western Zones of Occupation; 16. The Russian Zone of Occupation, 1945-1949; 17. The shaping of the Federal Republic of germany, 1949-1960; 18. Soviet Western policy and the consolidation of East Germany; Part VI. The Two Germanies Since the 1960s: The Development of the East German Economy, 1960-1985; 19. Society ad politics in contemporary East Germany; 20. West German capitalism and the international economy; 21. Problems of political stability; 22. Culture and society in West Germany; Statistical tables; Chronological table; Select bibliography; Index.


'Berghahn's thoughtful and authoritative analytical account of German history from Kaiser Wilhelm II to Willy Brandt makes a wonderful introduction to the subject. This is a text which every student of German civilisation should read.' The Virginia Quarterly Review 'Modern Germany delivers just about everything one should look for in a concise general text.' History
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