Practical NMR Relaxation for Chemists

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November 2004



This book demonstrates how NMR relaxation can be applied for structural diagnostics of chemical compounds, recognition of weak intermolecular interactions, determinations of internuclear distances and lengths of chemical bonds when compounds under investigation can exist only in solutions. * Written as a textbook for chemists, demanding little background in physics and NMR * Its practical approach helps the reader to apply the techniques in the lab * First book to teach NMR Relaxation techniques to chemists


1. How and Why Nuclei Relax.
2. How to Measure the NMR Relaxation Times.
3. Errors in Determinations of Relaxation Times.
4. NMR Relaxation by Dipole-Dipole and Quadrupole Interactions.
5. Relaxation by Chemical Shift Anisotropy, Spin-Rotation Relaxation, Scalar Relaxation of the Second Kind and Cross-Mechanisms.
6. Nuclear Relaxation in Molecular Systems with Anisotropic Motions.
7. 1H T1 Relaxation Diagnostics in Solutions.
8. Internuclear Distances from the 1H T1 Relaxation Measurements in Solutions.
9. Deuterium Quadrupole Coupling Constants from 2H T1 Relaxation Measurements in Solutions.
10. Spin-Lattice 1H and 2H Relaxation in Mobile Groups.
11. Relaxation of Nuclei Other Than 1H and 2H) and Specific Relaxation Experiments.
12. Paramagnetic NMR Relaxation.
Concluding Remarks.


Dr. Vladimir I. Bakhmutov is a professional NMR spectroscopist at the Department of Chemistry, Texas A&M University, USA. He is also the author of 220 scientific publications including reviews and book chapters.


"!appropriate for use in an advanced undergraduate or graduate level course on this excellent starting point for an investigator who would like to begin using relaxation--based NMR experiments." (Journal of Natural Products, January 2006) "!should be very useful to students and to researchers who use NMR." (CHOICE, September 2005)
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