Landscapes of Fear: Perception of Nature and the City in the Middle Ages

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Februar 1994



aeo Vito Fumagalli is probably the leading medieval historian in Italy today. aeo This book is an important new study of the attitudes to the city and nature in the Middle Ages. aeo Vito Fumagalli is probably the leading medieval historian in Italy today.


Translatora s. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Part I: When the Heavens Darken. 1. The Domain of Shadows. 2. Nature. 3. Death. 4. Beauty. 5. Hunting. 6. Violence. 7. War. 8. The Nobility. 9 The Priesthood. 10. Spiritual Crises. Part II: The Living Rock: The City and Nature in the Middle Ages. 11. Dead Cities. 12. Fortress Cities. 13. The Myth of the City. 14. The Changing Countryside. 15. The Changing City. 16. The Merchant Ethic. 17. The Impact of the City on the Landscape. 18. Nature as Friend and Foe. 19. The Ravaged Countryside. 20. The City and the Dead. 21. Animals in City and Country. Part III: Solitude of the Flesh. 22. The World Contemned. 23. The Elusiveness of Perfection. 24. Mana s Disgrace. 25. From Mortification to Insensibility. 26. In Defence of the Body. 27. The Body Vindicated. 28. Forbidden Pleasures. 29. Brother Ass the Body. 30. Women. Note on Sources and Further Reading. Index.


a Fumagalli writes with energy and charm.a Choice a There is no doubt about the depth of scholarship behind this book, nor about the breadth of its insight. As an introduction to Italy in the Middle Ages it has much to recommend it.a Progress in Human Geography
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