Jacob's Room: The Shakespeare Head Press Editon of Virgina Woolf

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First published in 1922, Jacob's Room was Virginia Woolf's third novel and the first in her more experimental mode. Set in the years leading up to the First World War, the work is an elegy, not just for an individual character, but for a generation lost in and affected by the war.
This Shakespeare Head Press edition restores the text to its original form, notably recreating the space breaks on the page with which Woolf deliberately fragmented her narrative. The editor provides an extensive introduction, discussing the genesis of the novel, its biographical elements, the process of composition and revision, and the history of its early critical reception. A series of notes helps the reader to identify references and allusions, from sponge-bag trousers and gold beater's skin to Tonks and Steer, and the Hampstead Garden Suburbs; while an appendix lists variants between the first UK and first US editions of the work.


Acknowledgements.Introduction.Frontispiece.JACOB'S ROOM.NOTES AND APPENDICES.Notes.Appendix A: Emendations.Appendix B: Textual Variants.Appendix C: Chronology


Edward L. Bishop is Professor of English at the University of Alberta, Canada. He has previously edited Jacob's Room: The Holograph Draft (1998) and compiled The Bloomsbury Group, Dictionary of Literary Biography Documents Series (1992) and A Virginia Woolf Chronology (1989).

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