Tasks in Second Language Learning

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November 2007



Tasks in Second Language Learning aims to re-centre discussion of the ways in which language learning tasks can help offer a holistic approach to language learning, and to explore the research implications. It relates the broad educational and social science rationale for the use of tasks to the principles and practices of their classroom use. The authors provide a balanced review of research as a basis for exploring a broader research agenda. Throughout, the book offers telling illustration of the contributions of a range of specialists in research, teaching methodology and materials development, and of the authors' own argument.


Introduction PART
I: BACKGROUND Language Use, Holistic Activity and Second Language Learning Holistic Tasks in an Educational Context: Some Key Issues Holistic Tasks in a Research Context: Some Key Issues Tasks in Second Language Pedagogy Defining Pedagogic Tasks: Issues and Challenges Engaging Learning Processes: Implications for the Use of Second Language Tasks Researching Second Language Pedagogic Tasks PART
II: INTERACTIONS BETWEEN RESEARCH AND PRACTICE Task Research from a Pedagogical Perspective Pedagogic Perspectives on Second Language Tasks PART
IV: RESOURCES Further Resources References Index


VIRGINIA SAMUDA is Researcher in Linguistics and English Language, at Lancaster University, UK. She has worked as a language teacher, teacher educator, materials writer and classroom researcher in North and South America, SE Asia and the UK. Throughout her work, she has had a long-standing interest in tasks and task design. She is particularly interested in how tasks function in classrooms, and the ways in which teachers and students work with them.
MARTIN BYGATE is Professor of Applied Linguistics and Language Education at Lancaster University, UK. He teaches and researches in second language acquisition and second language education. He is the author of Speaking and co-editor of Grammar and the Language Classroom (with Alan Tonkyn and Eddie Williams) and Researching Pedagogic Tasks: Second Language Learning, Teaching and Testing (with Peter Skehan and Merrill Swain).
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