Career Advising: An Academic Advisor's Guide

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In today's highly competitive workplace, students must be prepared to respond to the challenges of a knowledge-based economy. While pursuing their academic careers, students need specific information about career possibilities in their prospective field, ideas for mounting a successful job search, an awareness of the dramatic changes occurring in the workplace, and knowledge of the skills needed to be marketable. From Virginia N. Gordon- the co-editor of the acclaimed book Academic Advising- comes Career Advising, a resource for academic advisors to assist college students with the educational choices that will lead them to career-related decisions. This important book shows how academic advisors, as well as non-teaching advisors, are in ideal positions to help students understand the relationships between their academic and career choices, and the effect these decisions have on students' future personal and work lives. Career Advising identifies and describes the knowledge and skills that are required to be an effective career advisor for students. Gordon describes the 3-I Process, which clarifies the three interactive phases- Inquire, Inform, and Integrate- that can help students identify and explore academic- and career-related possibilities and make critical decisions. This handy resource leads advisors through the maze of career information sources as well as other important career-related resources and methods.


Preface. The Author. 1. Career Counseling and Career Advising: Differences and Similarities. 2. Career-Advising Competencies. 3. The 3-I Process: A Career-Advising Framework. 4. The 3-I Process: INFORM. 5. The 3-I Process: INTEGRATE. 6. Career-Advising Resources. 7. Future Challenges. Appendix A: Useful Career-Advising Web Sites. Appendix B: Case Studies for the 3-I Process. References. Index.


Virginia N. Gordon is assistant dean emeritus and adjunct associate professor at The Ohio State University. She is the past president of the National Academic Advising Association and the founder and first director of the National Clearinghouse on Academic Advising.
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