Resisting Dictatorship: Repression and Protest in Southeast Asia

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November 2004



Vincent Boudreau's book is a genuinely comparative study of repression and protest in South East Asia.


1. Introduction; 2. Protest, repression and transition in Southeast Asia; 3. Authoritarian attack and dictatorial rise; 4. Protest in socialist Burma; 5. New order repression and the Indonesian opposition; 6. The Philippine new society and state repression; 7. Repression and protest in comparative perspective; 8. People power and insurgency in the Philippine transition; 9. Protest and the underground in Burma; 10. Indonesia's democracy protests; 11. Democracy protest and state repression; List of references; Index.


Vince Boudreau is Associate Professor of Political Science at City College of New York. His publications include Grassroots and Cadre in the Protest Movement (2001).


"Quite often, it seems, a great idea is obvious -- but only after it is introduced by an innovative thinker. That the outcome of repression and resistance is conditioned by the case-specific context of the struggle and that therefore it is the interaction that we must investigate should be obvious to everyone after reading Boudreau's work. A brilliant study of dictatorship, resistance, and democratization..."-Robert Lawless, Journal of Third World Studies "a major study whose greatest strength is its ability to link forms of authoritarian rule (with a particular emphasis on authoritarians' ways of taking power and initial repression of society) with the subsequent development of opposition. For students of Southeast Asian politics and scholars generally interested in regime types, oppostion protest and social movements, this is truly a must read." - Mark R. Thompson, University of Erlangen-Nuernberg
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