Commerce between the EU and China

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Mai 2008



The European Union is the largest and most successful economic union, whereas the People\'s Republic of China is the fastest growing emerging market with the greatest number of inhabitants. So how could these two partners co-operate the best and profit from their potentials.
In this book, the more theoretical social-economic context is analyzed by describing the more practical domain of commerce, supporting arguments by numbers and facts from the Wall Street Journal Europe, EuroBiz, China Daily, diplomatic and other sources, and finally drawing the conclusion. I have been investigating the different areas where China could contribute to European growth and vice-versa, responding adequately to each other\'s economic needs. The book helps to discover the background of how China is rapidly transforming into the third most important trading hub of the world and to analyse the role of the EU in its rapid growth.
The analysis should be especially useful to professionals in business and commercial fields, people who wish to understand the importance of trade relations of China and the EU or anyone who is interested in contemporary economic and social matters of the EU and China.


Viktor L. Tóth, graduated from secondary school at European School of Brussels Woluwé in 2003. Finished Commercial assistance in 2005, followed by BSc in Economics and International Relations in 2009 at Budapest Business School. Senior associate at Genpact, then Credit and Collection Specialist at GE Commercial Finance WCS in Budapest since 2007.
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