Synthesis & Structural Characterisation

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August 2012



As the miniaturization with increasing functionalities and acceleration of the clock speed of electronic devices continues, the desired characteristics and processabilty of the starting powder become a subject of in-depth investigations. One is in the property of the starting powder and the other is in processing of the powder for producing (Multi layered ceramic capacitors) MLCCs. The second interest is the crystal phase of the BaTiO3 particles at room temperature with the size in the range of nanometre. The third issue is the impurities incorporated in the BaTiO3 crystal lattice. These issues are considered to meet the demands by modifying BaTiO3 for current and future capacitor applications. The mechanically milled BaCO3 particles accelerated the diffusion process and decreased the calcinations temperature. We have carried out a detailed investigations over the addition of multi walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) on the properties & structure of BaTiO3 based ceramics prepared using solid state reaction route. The properties of pure and doped materials investigated have been correlated to explore doped BaTiO3 for technological applications.


Vijay Kumar, B.Tech: Studied Electronics and Communication Engineering at NIT Rourkela Orissa India. Scientist at Advanced Numerical Research and Analysis Group (ANURAG), Defence Research Development Organization, Hyderabad, India.
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