Gender, Family and Work in Naples

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Examining Mediterranean anthropology, this book rejects the discipline's traditional focus on honour and shame in small communities, and argues that gender and sexuality are central to the constitution of personal and social identities.


Contents: Italian Economic Development and the Problem of the South -- Marginality and Political Culture in Naples -- A Brief History of Urban Space in Naples -- Outworkers: Lives and Careers -- The Petty Producer and the Mirage of Independence -- The Organisation of Sexuality -- Familism and Identity in Naples -- Motherhood and Gender Identity -- The Family and the Construction of Gender


Victoria A. Goddard Goldsmiths College,University of London


'...accessible not only because of the language, but also because of style. The book is very readable, and could well function as a textbook for Italianists or South Europeanists of different persuasions. ... Goddard's method of discussing economic, political and social issues together with issues usually defined as 'cultural' will hopefully attract a large number of non-anthropologists to read the book, as well as convincing fellow anthropologists of the relevance of 'macro' issues for the study of culture. ...An additional strength of (the) book is the author's ability and willingness to discuss and draw insights from very different research traditions and fields...'South European Society & Politics'Because of its theme, the book spans several disciplines and concerns: anthropology and ethnography of the Mediterranean and of cities, social development, history, and women's studies. It is in reconciling these different disciplinary strands that the book has its main stren
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