Who Shall Live?: Health, Economics, and Social Choice

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Juli 2011



Offers an introduction to economic concepts applied to health and medical care. This book provides explanations and examples of the importance of the non-medical determinants of health, the dominant role of physicians in health care expenditures, the necessity of choices about health at the individual and societal levels, and many other themes.


Health and Economics; Problems and Choices; Who Shall Live?; The Physician: The Captain of the Team; The Hospital: The House of Hope; Drugs: The Key to Modern Medicine; Paying for Medical Care; Health and Social Choice; What Every Philosopher Should Know About Health Economics; Poverty and Health: Asking the Right Questions; From Bismarck to Woodcock: The IrrationalA" Pursuit of National Health Insurance; Economics, Values, and Health Care Reform; National Health Insurance Revisited; The Clinton Plan: A Researcher Examines Reform; The Future of Health Economics; 'Provide, Provide': The Economics of Aging; Reflections on the Socio-Economic Correlates of Health; A Comprehensive Cure: Universal Health Care Vouchers; The Dedicated VAT Solution.


Thirty-seven years ago, Vic Fuchs offered common sense, keen insights, and incisive data...about American health and health care...Every doctor, policy maker, and concerned citizen should listen...Vic Fuchs' Who Shall Live? Is for you. -- Richard Zeckhauser "Harvard University"
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