Biblical Hebrew

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November 2004



This revised edition of the best-selling "Biblical Hebrew is "thoroughly updated and augmented for a new generation of students. Designed for use in a two-semester course, the book's fifty-five lessons are constructed around Biblical verses or segments and arranged in order of increasing complexity. At the successful completion of the course, students will be well equipped to tackle prose passages on their own. "Biblical Hebrew is "part of a comprehensive learning program that includes a 3-CD audio program and a companion volume, the "Supplement for Enhanced Comprehension. The "CDs present the alphabet, vowels, readings and cantillations of biblical passages, songs to assist with memorizing grammar concepts, selections from Psalms performed in a variety of musical styles, and all the vocabulary words from English to Hebrew. The "Supplement offers "reinforcement and review exercises along with more detailed and deeper discussion of topics treated briefly in the textbook.


Praise for the FIRST EDITION "The authors provide thorough and lucid explanations of the grammar, and maintain a good balance between deductive and inductive approaches. . . . Fun to use. Moreover, one could hardly better spend two semesters learning biblical Hebrew than with this text."--Edwin C. Hostetter, Critical Review of Books in Religion "I have found at last what I have long sought--a textbook for beginning Hebrew. Biblical Hebrew combines two features I consider essential for a text in a biblical language, and yet have never seen together in a single book. . . . I suspect that a whole generation of pastors and young Hebraists will soon be parsing the text with terms like 'dot vowel, ' 'prefix form, ' and 'feminine period.'"--Duane A. Garrett, Criswell Theological Review "The writing style is informal, practical, and 'user friendly'. . . . I would urge teachers of Hebrew to seriously consider this text for their classes."--Wayne T. Pitard, Bulletin of Higher Hebrew Education "This is a meticulously thought out textbook that makes great demands upon students; but the end result should be an unusually strong introductory knowledge of biblical Hebrew."--Newsletter of the Association for the Development of Religious Information Services (ADRIS Newsletter)
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