Inverse Problems in Mechanics

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August 2010



This volume addresses practical and concrete resolution methods for certain inverse problems related to material properties and behavior: the inverse Lagrange problem, determination of elastic constants of a monoclinic crystal, the behavior of initially deformed metallic layered structures, identification problems in viscoelasticity and sonoelasticity theories, the behavior of plates and structures with adhesive bonds, and a non-local identification problem.
It is not simply a translation of its predecessor which appeared with the Publishing House of the Romanian Academy in 2003 ("Probleme inverse in mecanica", Editura Academiei, Bucharest, Romania). Improvements outline the way in which the inverse theory is applied to solve some engineering problems. This new edition contains many improvements concerning the presentation, as well as new topics using an enlarged and updated bibliography.
In addition to the large area of domains in physics and mechanics covered by this volume, a list of completely solved problems with great practical interest for engineering is also presented, while most of the books about inverse problems present only the theory or only partial resolutions.The work requires as preliminaries only the mathematical knowledge acquired by a student in a technical university.


Veturia Chiroiu received the PhD degree in Mathematics from University of Bucharest in 1981. Since 1966 she is researcher at the Institute of Solid Mechanics of the Romanian Academy. Her research activity has involved issues related to nonlinear elastodynamics and continuum mechanics. Her work has been published in several journals and conference proceedings. She was awarded the "Aurel Vlaicu" prize of the Romanian Academy (1997). Since 2000 she is a PhD advisor in the field of mechanical engineering at the Romanian Academy, and since 2004 she is an honorific member of the Technical Sciences Academy of Romania (ASTR).
Calin Chiroiu received his MSc in Mathematics from University of Bucharest in 1998, and his Master degree in Mathematics from University of Bucharest in 2000. His present research interests lie in wave propagation in complex media, physical and mechanical properties of composite materials, relativity theory and informatics. His professional experience includes a long scientific collaboration at the Politecnico di Torino, Dip. di Fisica, and working in the Institute of Solid Mechanics, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, as well as in Uniteam, Torino, Italy.
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