Stylistic Devices in British Newspaper Reporting

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Juni 2011



This work intends to analyse the style of British newspaper reporting; at the same time it will also delimit some of the terms used in newspaper reporting. I have chosen this topic because newspaper language is an issue that we face in our everyday life, it is a linguistic feature of our daily reality that we should know more about. As for me, I like reading newspapers and watching TV news and comparing how the same news are presented in different newspapers or TV channels. I also read news articles with a view to their graphic layout and language. The reason why I have chosen the three newspapers (The Times, The Independent, The Mirror) was a matter of contrast and availability. In my choice of the newspapers there is an interesting contrast between the serious(The Times, The Independent) and the tabloid (The Mirror) form of the newspaper than can demonstrate the distinctions between their style of writing, choice of news, the language, the graphical form etc.


Born in Jihlava, Czech Republic in 1977. University studies of English and Spanish Filology at the Masaryk University in Brno. English Filology studies finished in 2002 with the thesis Stylistic Devices in British Newspaper Reporting. Currently living and working in Costa Blanca, Spain.
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