Insulation of High-Voltage Equipment

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A translation of a successful Russian monograph, this is the first book dealing comprehensively and on a scientific level with the insulation of high-voltage electrophysical systems. Prof. Ushakov is a respected authority in this field. High-voltage electrophysical systems used for research in physics are becoming more and more common in engineering applications, as electrical insulation comprises one of the most important constituent components. This is the first monograph dealing comprehensively and on a scientific level with the insulation of such systems. In the first part of the book, the operating conditions and necessary requirements are analyzed, while the main insulation types are outlined. The second part describes the short- and long-term strengths of vacuums and gases, as well as liquid, solid, and hybrid dielectrics as functions of various influencing factors. The third and last part is devoted to the design of high-voltage insulation systems. The knowledge provided by this book will be useful to physicists designing experimental high-voltage devices as well as to electrical engineers in high-voltage technology, electrical insulation, and cable industries.


1 Requirements on Insulation and Methods of Determining the Electric Strength.- 1 Insulating Materials and System Design Selection.- 2 Insulation and Media Test Techniques.- 2 Short- and Long-Term Electric Strength of Insulating Materials and Media.- 3 Influence of Dielectric Properties, State, and Electrodes on Electric Strength.- 4 Influence of Contamination and Structural Defects.- 5 Dependence of Electric Strength on the Parameters of Applied Voltage.- 6 Influence of Insulation Gap Geometry on Electric Strength.- 7 Flashover Voltage at the Interface between Two Dielectric Media.- 8 Electric Strength of Dielectric Materials in a Hostile Environment.- 9 Methods for Improving the Dielectric Properties of Electric Insulating Materials and Media.- 3 Insulation Design.- 10 Methods for Increasing the Working Field Strength of Insulation.- 11 Calculation of Insulation.- References.- Additional References.- I Vacuum Insulation.- II Gas Insulation.- III Liquid Insulation.- IV Solid Insulation.- V Composite Insulation.- VI General Problems of Insulation Design.


From the reviews:
"Electrical insulation in pulse power devices and systems is a critical component to the operation and performance of such devices. ... This is a very good translation, easy to read, with clear explanations; it is also easy to follow. ... There is a huge wealth of data, experimental conditions, theory, empirical relationships, and hundreds of references contained in this book that are not readily available anywhere. Many of our readers will be interested in this reference book ... ." (IEEE Electrical Insulation Magazine, Vol. 22 (1), 2006)
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