Modern Greece: A Cultural Poetics

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Vangelis Calotychos is Acting Director, Hellenic Studies, Department of Classics, Columbia University.


'This is probably the best exploration of the culture of modern Greece I have encountered In twenty years. Calotychos works with verve and skill in several fields. Although he professes to be a literary historian and critic, he clearly also has the analytic skills of an anthropologist working within a powerfully iinterdisciplinary cultural studies tradition. His theory is eclectic but unpretentious, his range deep and wide, and his writing style attractively uncluttered.'Professor Michael Herzfeld, Harvard University 'Modern Greece is really a significant work of scholarship and one which is at the same time, a major intervention in modern Greek and eastern Mediterranean cultural debates on the one hand and contemporary critical debates on the other. Rare is the book of which so much can be said.'Timothy J. Reiss, New York University'A tour de force encompassing not only modern Greek history and literature, but also European philosophy, politics and aesthetics from
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