Infection and Hearing Impairment

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Infection is a major contributor to loss of hearing. A key problem in addressing this is the general lack of awareness about issues related to deafness and hearing impairment in all parts of society and the specific lack of awareness regarding the role of infection in causing it.
Infection and Hearing Impairment is the first book to look at infectious causes of hearing loss and impairment. It will raise awareness and stimulate interest among healthcare professionals, researchers and students of both audiological medicine and infection. Informative and accessible, the book examines:
* the anatomy and function of the ear and its development to allow those unfamiliar with the ear to understand how the pathogen can affect hearing
* current information on the epidemiology of hearing loss and infection
* the currently recognised pathogens that can affect hearing including background information on the relevant viruses, bacteria and other pathogens
* ototoxic drugs which under particular circumstances contribute to hearing impairment
* current ways in which infections may be diagnosed, treated and the potential for preventing them
* experiences of those who have suffered from infection-induced hearing loss
Infection and Hearing Impairment will be an invaluable resource to all those engaging in much needed research in this area.


1. Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Ear (J. Irwin).
2. Development of the Ear and of Hearing (V.E. Newton).
3. Epidemiology of Infection as a Cause of Hearing Loss (A. Smith and C. Mathers),
4. Cytomegalovirus (S.B. Boppana and W.J. Britt).
5. Rubella (P.A. Tookey).
6. Mumps (K.E. Wright).
7. Measles (B. Rima).
8. Toxoplasma Infection and the Ear (B. Stray-Pedersen).
9. Sexually Transmitted Infections (P. Turner).
10. Otitis Media (J.J. Gröte and P.J. Vallely).
11. Meningitis and Hearing Loss (K.J. Mutton and E.B. Kaczmarski).
12. Infectious Diseases and Hearing in the Tropics (R. Hinchcliffe and S. Prasansuk).
13. Ototoxic Drugs (R. Taylor and A. Forge).
14. Laboratory Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention of Infection Leading to Hearing Loss (P.E. Klapper and P.J. Vallely).
15. The Experience of Deafness - Psychosocial Effects (A. Young).


Professor Valerie Newton, Human Communication and Deafness, School of Education and Virology, LMAG, School of Medicine, The University of Manchester, UK
Dr Pamela Vallely, Human Communication and Deafness, School of Education and Virology, LMAG, School of Medicine, The University of Manchester, UK

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