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Analyzes how the body was constructed and politicized in early modern Italy by exploring literary discourses of the period - plays, novellas, travel journals, poems, etc.


Valeria Finucci is Associate Professor of Italian at Duke University. She is the author of "The Lady Vanishes: Subjectivity and Representation in Castiglione and Ariosto. "She is editor of "Renaissance Transactions: Ariosto and Tasso" and coeditor of "Generation and Degeneration: Tropes of Reproduction in Literature and History from Antiquity to Early Modern Europe," both published by Duke University Press.""


"An extremely fascinating and original work. Finucci's book questions the traditional concepts associated with the Italian Renaissance (harmony, spiritual perfection and beauty, etc.) and addresses much less 'luminous' aspects of sixteenth-century Italian culture." Armando Maggi, University of Chicago "Valeria Finucci is at it again, patrolling and illuminating the unstable boundaries of sex and gender in early modern Italian culture and literature. Relating canonical literary texts to the medical and legal culture of their times, she explores the fascination that spontaneous generation, cuckoldry, the maternal imagination, androgyny, and the deliberate manufacture of castrati held for early modern Italians--and still hold for us." Walter Stephens, author of Demon Lovers: Witchcraft, Sex, and the Crisis of Belief
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