VLSI Circuit Simulation and Optimization

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Dezember 1996



Circuit simulation has become an essential tool in circuit design and without it's aid, analogue and mixed-signal IC design would be impossible. However the applicability and limitations of circuit simulators have not been generally well understood and this book now provides a clear and easy to follow explanation of their function. The material covered includes the algorithms used in circuit simulation and the numerical techniques needed for linear and non-linear DC analysis, transient analysis and AC analysis. The book goes on to explain the numeric methods to include sensitivity and tolerance analysis and optimisation of component values for circuit design. The final part deals with logic simulation and mixed-signal simulation algorithms. There are comprehensive and detailed descriptions of the numerical methods and the material is presented in a way that provides for the needs of both experienced engineers who wish to extend their knowledge of current tools and techniques, and of advanced students and researchers who wish to develop new simulators.


Linear resistive circuit analysis. Analysis with transformed
variables. Non-linear DC analysis. Transient analysis of electronic
circuits. Sensitivity analysis. Tolerance analysis and design.
Electronic circuit optimization. Logic simulation. Mixed signal
simulation. Appendices. References. Index.

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