PhysicoChemical & Speciation Analysis of Elements in Food Soil Fields

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Juni 2011



This Book is compilation of experimental results of total metal concentration and speciation of different food field samples.Concentration of six elements(Cu,Cd,Cr,Ni,Pb,Zn) was determined experimentally after sequential extraction from soils of three crops (Cotton,Oat and Wheat),seven vegetables (Onion,Mustard,Cucumber,Carrot,Tinda,Pea and Garlic) and two fruits (Orange and Grapefruit) collected from different cities of Punjab, Pakistan.A wide variation in concentration of elements was found confirming species specific response to different elements. Chemical forms (Exchangeable,Carbonate bound,Fe-Mn bound,Organic bound)available for elements was estimated by Spectroscopic technique.Parts of vegetables and fruits like stem,root and leaf were extracted for total metal analysis.Each part depicted accumulation of elements to different extent. Correlation matrix was also found for different soil fields of crops, vegetables and fruit of different cities.The study also relates the concentration variation with different physicochemical parameters of the soil fields. pH and organic matter content significantly affect trace metal concenration.


Miss Beenish Saba is student of MS leading to PhD at National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan. She has gained skills in analyzing environmental samples in gas chromatography Spectrophotometery and various other techniques.
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