B is for Bangladesh

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A photograrphic alphabet celebrating of Bangladesh in all its aspects, from Crocodile to Jute, from Lungi to Rickshaw.


URMI RAHMAN was born in Khulna, Bangladesh. She studied in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong, took a Masters degree in Bengali Literature and worked as a journalist before coming to the UK to join the BBC World Service as a producer and broadcaster. She now works as a Language Project Officer and freelance journalist. She has written 12 non-fiction books. Prodeepta Das was born in Cuttack, in eastern India. He is a freelance photographer and author whose pictures have been published in over 20 children's books. In 1991 Inside India, which he also wrote, won the Commonwealth Photographer's Award. Prodeepta's books for Frances Lincoln are P is for Pakistan, Prita Goes to India, K is for Korea, We are Britain!, Geeta's Day, I is for India, J is for Jamaica, Kamal Goes to Trinidad, P is for Poland, T is for Turkey, S is for South Africa, R is for Russia and B is for Bangladesh.


This is a bright, colourful book with an attractive design. Rahman was born in Bangladesh and she provides an author's note at the beginning which explains, in simple terms, why Bangladesh is a 'young' country, and gives some basic facts about its religions and geography. This note mentions the natural disasters that have befallen Bangladesh and in doing so, highlights the resilience and positivity of the Bangladeshi people. A welcome addition to this well-loved series of books... This is a very inviting book, beautifully designed for parents or teachers to ejoy a stunning selection of photographs which present aspects of life in Bangladesh of particular interest to children. Both the author Urmi Rahman and the photographer Prodeepta Das have lived and worked in the area, and their own love for the country and its people gives the books a very warm and personal atmosphere. Ibby Link Evocative photos matched with straightforwardly informative paragraphs of texts from Frances Lincoln and maintaining previous high standards... The qualities of both words and pictures demonstrate an astonishingly successful format for conveying a great deal of detail in a visually attractive way. School Librarian A well thought-out book with great visual appeal and a well written text that matches the photographic account of the author's beloved country. Books for Keeps
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