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November 1995



This textbook presents a modern account of turbulence, which is ubiquitous in both cosmical and natural environments.


Preface; 1. Introduction; 2. Symmetries and conservation laws; 3. Why a probabilistic description of turbulence?; 4. Probabilistic tools: a survey; 5. Two experimental laws of fully developed turbulence; 6. The Kolmogorov 1941 theory; 7. Kolmogorov and Landau: the lack of universality; 8. Phenomenology of turbulence in the sense of Kolmogorov 1941; 9. Intermittency; 10. Further reading: a guided tour; References; Author index; Subject index.


'It is certainly an excellent book for those wanting to take a fresh look at some aspects of the subject. Teachers of turbulence will find it useful, for at least part of the material of their course. The book is undoubtedly worth reading by everybody concerned with some aspect of turbulence research.' A. Tsinober, Journal of Fluid Mechanics 'The title reveals a great advantage of this book: It is not a book on fluid dynamics with a chapter or so on turbulence; it is instead a modern, physics-oriented discussion of a difficult subject about which surprisingly little can be said to be known with confidence. ... This is a work of great scholarship. ... This book belongs in the library of any college or university where physics is taught. It can productively be used as a reference in advanced undergraduate courses or as a text for a one-semester course on turbulence itself.' Russell Donnelly, Physics Today '... recommended to everyone who wants to know more of the basis and present-day understanding of turbulence.' Nonlinear Science Today
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