Subsaharan Africa in the 1990s: Challenges to Democracy and Development

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Part 1 Civil Society and Democratic Transition: Civil Society and Democratic Consolidation - Building a Culture of Democracy in a New South Africa, Larry Diamond; The "New" Civil Society and Democratic Transitions in Africa, Edward R. MacMahon; Lessons to be Learned from the Angolan Elections - 38 Reliable Guides or Misleading Judgements, William Minter. Part 2 The Politics of Economic Reforms: Labour, Structural Adjustment and Democracy in Sierra Leone and Ghana, Alfred B. Zack-Williams; Privatization in a Transitional Society - a Kenyan Case Study, Rukhsana A. Siddiqui; "The End of History or the Beginning of the End?" - Prospects for Botswana in the 21st Century, Larry A. Swatuck. Part 3 The Problems of Development Management: Nongovernmental Organizations and Government-Organized Nongovernmental Organizations - Opportunities for Development Management in Africa in the 21st Century, Peter Koehn and Olatunde Ojo; "Managing" Development in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 1990s - States, Market and Civil Societies in Alternative Paradigms, Sandra Maclean. Part 4 Women and Empowerment in Africa in the 1990s: Toward Equality for All? - International Human Rights for African Women, Lunn Berat; Barriers and Opportunities - the Role of Organizations in Nigerian Women's Quest for Empowerment, Mary J. Osirim. Part 5 Toward the Sustainable Development of African Ecology and Environment: Africa's Environmental Challenges - Deforestation and Development, Moses K. Tesi; The Issues of Development and Environment in Africa - an Overview, E. Ike Udogu.
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