The Impact of Poverty on Democratic Consolidation in Developing States

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The book, The Impact of Poverty on Democratic Consolidation in Developing States: The Nigerian Experience, examines the general level of poverty in Nigeria and its negative effects on democratic consolidation in the Country, in the process of doing this, the causes, incidence and manifestation of poverty in Nigeria and the relationship between poverty and political participation were treated. The impact of poverty on the working of institutions and structures of democracy were not left out. This book will be of use to all lovers of democracy and development, good governance, students of political science and other related disciplines at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, policy makers, international organizations partnering developing states in their development efforts and the general public.


Umoru Adejo YAKUBU holds BSc and MSc in Political Science from University of Ilorin and Benue State University respectively. He teaches Government and Citizenship Education at the Federal Polytechnic, Kaura Namoda, Zamfara State, Nigeria.
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