Biblical Quotation and Allusion in the Cantata Libretti of Johann Sebastian Bach

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In this pioneering work of systematic research, Meyer demonstrates in detail how Bach quoted and alluded to the text of Luther's German Bible in his liturgical libretti. Compiled with the interests of both scholar and performer in mind, this volume supplements the fundamental understanding of the liturgical functions of these cantatas of Bach, as well as providing a resource for further theological, musical, and linguistic study.


Ulrich Meyer, a respected German Bach scholar, has contributed many articles to such journals as Musik und Kirche, Die Musikforschung, and Bach-Jahrbuch, and is founding member of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur theologische Bachforschung.


...both books are valuable additions to the Bach literature. This book is useful especially for students, performers, and others who seek precise knowledge of the meaning of Bach's cantata librettos. American Bach Society The texts (libretti) of the Bach cantatas contain many biblical quotations and allusions, which relate to the specific gospel readings of the day for which they were originally composed. Because of this, the music often functioned as an enhancement of a particular religious message, and this often complex nexus of contextual meanings has been traced by Ulrich Meyer in the present handbook. It aims to assist further research by establishing the links between the cantata texts and the Lutheran Bible, and illuminating the elaborate 'give-and-take' between scripture, theology, and Bach's music in this extraordinary corpus. The book is very detailed in its apparatus of references, cross-references, and appendixes, providing easy access to all the relevant passages in both German and English versions of the Bible. ECCB: The Eighteenth-Century Current Bibliography It is refreshing to see a text such as this one...Meyer has done everyone a favor by recounting, in alpha-subject fashion, all the quotations and allusions in the cantata libretti by the magisterial Johann Sebastian Bach. American Reference Books Annual
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