The Theology of the Gospel of Matthew

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Mai 1995



Introduces, retells and analyses the Gospel of Matthew.


1. The Book; 2. The Prologue (Matthew 1:1-4:22); 3. The discourse on the Mount (Matthew 5-7); 4. The ministry of the Messiah and his disciples in Israel (Matthew 8:1-11:30); 5. The origins of the community of disciples in Israel (Matthew 12:1-16:20); 6. The life of the community of disciples (Matthew 16:21-20:34); 7. The final reckoning with Israel and the judgement of the community (Matthew 21:1-25:46); 8. Passion and Easter (Matthew 26-28); 9. Concluding thoughts.


'... a model of issue-facing. It is full of judicious observations on the intractable question of the relation of Matthew's Jesus to the Jesus of history, the apparent tensions between Matthew's stress on moral performance and Paul's gospel of grace, on 'Matthew and church history' and on topics of particular relevance to today - in effect, whether Matthew's story was, from our point of view, worth telling.' Church of England Newspaper
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