Introduction to Peptides and Proteins

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November 2009



Authored by key players in the field, this volume offers a relevant presentation of peptide and protein chemistry. It provides key insight into the fast-developing field of proteomics, including structural and functional aspects, biochip development, and clinical potential. It include schapters on bioinformatics and proteomics and present the latest information on concerns over protein degradation and the post-translational modifications of proteins and peptides. The book also includes a section on protein-coupled diseases that presents increasing evidence of the pathological impact of protein misfolding in relation to various neurodegenerative diseases, as well as a section on the role of proteins in cancer.



Further Reading


Introduction to Part 1; Matjaz Zorko

From Building Block to 3-D Structure

Amino Acids; Matjaz Zorko

Noncovalent Interactions; Matjaz Zorko

Structural Organization of Proteins; Matjaz Zorko

Protein Biosynthesis and Posttranslational Modifications

The Biosynthesis of Proteins; Matjaz Zorko

Posttranslational Modifications; Matjaz Zorko

Folding of Proteins

Protein Folding; Matjaz Zorko

Intracellular Sorting of Proteins; Gunnar von Heijne

Protein Degradation

Protein Turnover; Matjaz Zorko

Introduction to Part II; Astrid Graslund

Purification and Characterization of Proteins; Matjaz Zorko

Crystallography and X-Ray Diffraction Astrid Graslund

Optical Spectroscopy; Astrid Graslund

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR); Astrid Graslund

Methods to Follow Protein Folding; Astrid Graslund

Mass Spectrometry; Astrid Graslund

Chemical Synthesis of Peptides and Proteins; Ulo Langel

Introduction to Part III; Tiit Land

Protein Engineering and Gene Silencing; Ulo Langel

Protein-Ligand Interactions; Ulo Langel

Sequence Analysis and Function Prediction; Tiit Land

Protein Structure Prediction; Tiit Land

Proteomics; Sherry Niessen and Benjamin F. Cravatt

Introduction to Part IV; Ulo Langel

Enzymes; Matjaz Zorko

Nucleic Acid-Binding Proteins; Ulo Langel

Cell Surface Receptors and Signaling; Ulo Langel

Membrane Proteins; Gunnar von Heijne

Antibodies; Ulo Langel

Fibrous Proteins; Ulo Langel

Selected Classes of Bioactive Peptides; Ulo Langel

Introduction to Part V; Ulo Langel and Astrid Graslund

Misfolding-Based Diseases; Astrid Graslund

Miscleavage-Based Diseases; Astrid Graslund

Missequence-Based Diseases; Astrid Graslund

Peptides and Proteins as Drugs; Ulo Langel


Stockholm University, Sweden The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California, USA University of Stockholm, Sweden University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
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