How Administrative Relationships Influence Black Students

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Juni 2011



The purpose of this study was to assess the extent to which perceived relationships between administrative groups influenced the performance of urban black students. The study identified perceptual differences between administrative groups regarding the influences their relationships have on the academic achievement of students. District administrators perceived that they influenced student achievement indirectly and their major impact resulted from their direct support of school level leaders. School level leaders perceived that student achievement was influenced by their strategic efforts related to instructional leadership with minimal direction or support from district level leadership. Neither administrative group targeted the achievement of black students and indicated that their efforts were directed toward all students. A notable finding from the study was the school level administrator's inability to utilize a broadminded view of the district as a whole rather than a myopic view of their individual sites.


Dr. Tyrone Brookins was born in Dallas, Texas. He attended his neighborhood school from elementary through high school where he connected with teachers and peers alike. Emancipating change carries a deep meaning for himvas he serves children. As a servant-leader he realizes the importance of staying involved in the lives of his students.
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Untertitel: Perceived Influences of Relationships between District and School Level Administrators on the Achievement of Urban Black Students. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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